Life in the Five Points

Martin Scorsese accurately depicts how divided the north actually was during the Civil War. He aptly demonstrates the deep distrust and hatred against black people from the Natives but he also shows the escalating tension between the Irish and African Americans. While he could have added more black characters, he did accurately show and share authentic reporting and barbarism that was present and exercised against blacks during the 1863 Draft Riots. Beatings, lynching, and murder were present those days in July, 1863.
black beating



Women are also depicted in a variety of ways in this film. Scorsese has at least one women in every social class represented. There are several depicted as immigrants, freed slaves, upper-class socialites, gang associates and of course gang members. Although most of these women do not have dialogue, they still embody a larger picture of women’s roles in 19th century New York City.

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